Compliance Package

Customized Multi-dose Packaging
Flexible, customized packaging helps eliminate confusion while organizing a patient’s medication regimen.

Help Your Patients Help Themselves.
Non-compliant patients often exacerbate their own condition. Difficulty of the regimen and confusion about when and how to take their medication was cited as main reasons that patients are non-compliant. This results in patients taking their medication incorrectly or forgetting to take it at all. The solution?

Jewel Pharmacy Smart Packages
Customized multi-dose packaging benefits patients by organizing medications in convenient, easy-to-open tear pouches, which takes the guesswork out of taking their medications

  • Easier to remember to take the correct medication at the right time

  • All pills (even vitamins) for one administration time can be packed in one pouch

  • Medications can be organized by date and time for 30-, 60- or 90-day supply

  • Eliminates the need for cumbersome daily reminder boxes

  • Easy-to-read labels, easy-to-open tear pouches

  • One pouch makes taking medication to work easy

  • Convenient for organizing children’s medications

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