You’re not alone if you are concerned with containing specialty pharmacy costs while maintaining access and quality of care. Specialty pharmacy represents a spiraling cost for all payors and represents the single largest trend factor of any covered health plan benefit. Poor compliance, waste, and administrative costs all contribute to further hitting your bottom line.

Jewel Pharmacy Completes the Circle of Care

Jewel Pharmacy understands the demands that payors face in trying to provide the highest-quality and yet cost-effective care for their members. By taking a patient-centered approach to specialty pharmacy services, we support our patients’ clinical, reimbursement and administrative needs – while supporting your goals.
As compliance increases, wastage, hospitalizations and ER admissions decrease contributing to a reduction in the overall cost of care. We take a personalized approach with our managed care clients, working with each health plan to stabilize prices; streamline processes; reduce administrative problems; and provide tailored, individualized services. This hands-on management approach includes

  • A patient-centered approach that encourages compliance. Our compliance rates are among the highest in the business. We benchmark results to confirm that your investment realizes the desired therapeutic results.

  • Fully integrated and individually tailored therapy management programs that meet the unique needs of patients and health plans.

  • Chronic disease care teams staffed by experienced and compassionate clinicians and reimbursement experts.

  • Proven standards of care that help streamline processes to improve clinical consistency and administrative efficiency.

  • Benefits to Payors

  • Improved patient outcomes

  • Expansive injectables and infused formulary

  • Cost containment policies

  • Disease therapy management programs

  • Programs tailored to payor client requirements

  • Data warehouse to capture and produce actionable reports

  • Competitive pricing

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