Speciality Services

At Jewel Pharmacy we value each and every one of our clients and providers. You are the reason for our success and the backbone of our business. Practicing healthcare can be a challenge. We understand the rapidly changing world of medicine, reimbursements and therapies. Unlike mail order pharmacies and large chain operations, Jewel Pharmacy believes in working one-on-one with each practitioner to fully understand their individual needs and concerns. Our goal is to work with as an extension of your practice to help provide superior patient care in a cost effective manner.

Helping Patients Take Control

Many complications arise when patients fail to control their Diabetes. For that reason, the staff and services at Jewel will help diabetics and their families take control.

It’s becoming more and more difficult for diabetic patients to keep up with fast-changing technologies and new diabetes treatments. Coordination of adherence programs, education, reminders and more from Jewel Pharmacy completes the circle of diabetes care.

Improving Outcomes

In order to help our customers who receive their medications for Hepatitis C from our program we provide the following services at no additional charge:

Monthly Home Delivery
Free home delivery is offered throughout New York and New Jersey of all medications, nutritional supplements and medical supplies. For people taking multiple medications, we can conveniently arrange them in pill boxes or in co-mingled packets.

Monthly phone calls
We will call you every month to answer any questions that may arise and to arrange the next month's medication delivery. If requested, we will also follow through with health care providers and case managers to inform them of any problems you may be having with your medications, delivery or insurance issues.

Home Instruction
If requested, we will send a nurse to your home to provide additional instructions on how to take the medications and administer any injections prescribed by your doctor. Our nurse will help with the management of possible side effects and injection site reactions.

We provide educational lectures for our clients as well as staff at community based programs on hepatitis C, and topics that may be related for people with hepatitis C including HIV, co-infection, depression and nutrition. We also provide assistance in ways to obtain grants that may be available for program development

It cuts across gender, race and age. With complex medication regimens, helping manage infectious diseases has never been more challenging.

Proper management can help improve therapy outcome and quality of life. Jewel Pharmacy partners closely with you to complete the circle of care with a proven, coordinated, effective approach to managing the pharmaceutical needs of HIV / AIDS / Infectious Disease patients that includes:

Refill & Track Prescriptions

  • Track Your Order
  • Get email updates
  • Save your Records
  • Receive text Alerts
  • Free Shipping from our store

Refill & Track Prescriptions

  • Express delivery when required
  • Receive email or text alerts upon arrival
  • We provide delivery reports
  • Deliveries & Pickups during store hours
  • Get refill calls
  • Total Free phone support
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